HG Insights

HG Insights is the global leader in technology intelligence. By processing billions of unstructured digital documents daily using advanced data science methodologies, HG Insights provides technology install, technology spending, contract intelligence, and market research at a level of quality and depth of insights that is unrivaled in the marketplace. The company’s product is not only used by global Fortune 500 companies to accelerate their sales, marketing, and strategy efforts, but is also poised to disrupt the traditional go-to-market process for companies of virtually any size globally.


Intelipost is an e-commerce logistics SaaS provider focused on e-commerce shipping orchestration and last-mile delivery in Brazil. The company’s technology is leveraged within customer interaction flows and allows them to: choose the optimal carrier for delivery of their parcel, check parcel delivery updates, and manage parcel returns – enabling a better consumer experience and lower shipping costs.

Additionally, Intelipost offers carriers a real-time delivery routing platform and a national network of e-commerce pick-up/drop-off points.


Cortex is a leading provider of SaaS big data analytics in Brazil, helping enterprise customers to accelerate their growth and better understand their markets and competitive positioning. Through its Growth Intelligence platform, Cortex enables the Communication, Marketing, and Sales areas of Latin American companies to accelerate growth through data.


Insider is a leading provider of B2C marketing automation software. Insider offers cross-channel campaign management (CCCM) and real-time personalization capabilities through its ML-enabled platform. Insider’s platform offers a proprietary, full-stack solutions allowing its e-commerce clients to engage their customers through the use of its customer data platform (CDP), audience segmentation, journey builder, and wide-range of action layers.

Insider has been recognized as a category leader by Gartner, G2, and many other industry analysts. The company maintains its headquarters in Singapore, with a global footprint.

Vexcel Imaging

Vexcel Imaging, based in Graz (Austria), offers state-of-the-art digital sensor systems and software solutions based on the latest and most-advanced technology. The comprehensive aerial camera portfolio provides a wide range of imaging capabilities from wide-area mapping (UltraCam Condor) to nadir (UltraCam Eagle & UltraCam Falcon) and oblique (UltraCam Osprey product line) camera systems. The system family is complemented by the fully integrated processing software UltraMap.


ForgeRock, the leader in digital identity, delivers modern and comprehensive Identity and Access Management solutions for consumers, employees and things to simply and safely access the connected world. Using ForgeRock, more than a thousand global customer organizations orchestrate, manage, and secure the complete lifecycle of identities from dynamic access controls, governance, APIs, and storing authoritative data – consumable in any cloud or hybrid environment.

RD Station

RD Station is a leading provider of marketing automation and CRM SaaS to SMB customers in Brazil. The company provides a cloud software platform to attract, manage and convert marketing leads, including lead generation, lead nurturing and analytics tools. RD is headquartered in Florianopolis, Brazil, with incipient operations in Mexico and Colombia.


SecurityScorecard’s vision is to create a new language for measuring and communicating security risk. Its platform can scan a target’s internet facing assets from the outside-in and then assign to it a risk rating, as well as outline improvement recommendations. The company serves leading fortune 500 companies in supporting Vendor Risk Management efforts, as well as partnering with leading insurers in their cyber risk businesses.


Technisys is a leading provider of digital core and omni-channel banking software and related services to over 40 financial institutions across North and South America. The Company’s core product is a modern and open API software platform to provide the backbone for financial institutions, and its omni-channel platform serves as the consumer engagement and interaction layer.


Omie is a leading provider of financial management SaaS to SMB customers in Brazil. Through its cloud software platform, customers can send invoices, track accounts payable and accounts receivable, manage inventory levels, track expenses, and reconcile their business’ cash position.  Omie has also launched a financial services offering, integrated into its financial management platform.

Omie’s mission is to help improve efficiency and growth for its SMB customers.