With more than 100,000 small businesses already supported, SUMA has become Spanish Speaking Latin America’s largest and fastest-growing financial management automation platform. Developed for the unique administrative and regulatory requirements of entrepreneurs and small business owners, SUMA simplifies and automates critical business tasks such as accounting, payroll, and electronic invoicing. SUMA’s platform allows customers to easily integrate their business information with various counterparties in the ecosystem: customers, suppliers, employees, banks, accountants, regulatory agencies, and sources of potential financing via a simple, easy-to-use, intuitive user interface and world-class customer service.

SUMA connects the best local solutions for SMBs in Latin America, including: Nubox in Chile, Bind ERP in Mexico, and Colppy in Argentina:

Nubox was founded in 2001 and joined SUMA in 2016. As the first cloud-based SaaS solution for SMBs in Chile, Nubox provides simple, intuitive financial management, payroll, electronic-invoicing, tax, accounting solutions. Please visit www.nubox.com to learn more about how Nubox is empowering thousands of entrepreneurs in Chile.

Colppy was founded in 2012 and joined SUMA in 2018. Colppy is the leading provider of financial management solutions for both SMBs and accountants via a single online unified ledger in the cloud. Please visit www.colppy.com to learn more about how Colppy is empowering thousands of entrepreneurs in Argentina.

Bind-ERP was founded in 2014 and joined SUMA in 2020. Bind-ERP is the leading financial management solution for SMBs in Mexico.Please visit www.bind.com.mx/ to learn more about how Bind-ERP is empowering thousands of entrepreneurs in Mexico.

For more information, please visit www.sumasaas.com